About Us

Mentorus Human Resource specializes in providing recruitment services to Corporate Clients (ranging from MNCs, SMEs and Startups) in the ITES/BPO, IT, Media, Banking, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Hospitality, and other related sectors in India. We sub specialize in Management Cadre recruitment with positions ranging from Jr. Management to Top Management.

We provide our clients with seamless service in the recruitment of high quality talent for their organizations. Our emphasis on quality ensures that we maintain high standards of excellence through consultative and professional approach. Our multiple offerings help clients take advantage of our services which are customized according to each client’s requirement.

We maintain highest standards of professionalism, ethics, trustworthiness and expertise. Our recruiters are committed to close each position with speed and accuracy. To candidates we are sound career advisors who can open doors to best opportunities.

Our well trained and experienced team is dedicated to find the best possible human asset, for the most demanding niche skill areas. We believe in disciplined thoughts, disciplined actions and disciplined people. Headquartered in Mumbai with branch office in Bangalore, we are equipped with the latest in infrastructure & Information Technology that gives us an unmatched and ever-growing database of qualified professionals, to cater to every client’s challenging and technical manpower requirements.

Our Approach

That’s our motto for success. Over the last few years we have focused on service delivery in the executive recruitment and our consultancy business and have come out even stronger and bigger.

We believe that the recruitment process is one of the simplest yet complex services that any company can offer to its partners. Simple, because is to understand, locate and convince incumbents about the role offered; complex because of the hurdles in precisely zeroing in on the precise talent that perfectly matches your requirements and marketing the role to them truthfully and convincingly and we firmly believe that no two jobs are the same. However, sufficient synergies can be developed in people to learn the new job much quicker.

Based on our experience in the industry, identifying the needs of a particular organization in terms of skill sets necessary for a particular type of project.

Targeted delivery of competent, experienced as well as fresh candidates with skills necessary for the particular project.

For fresh candidates we conduct an orientation session to make them aware of the opportunities in the specific industry and make them look at it as a career option rather than as a way to make a quick buck.

Our Infrastructure

We believe that Technology will emerge as the sole and Key driver to our business; and technology will ensure our flagship position in HR management and personnel Placement services Industry. Therefore, we employ the best of database management software customized for the enhancement and ease of the search and recruitment process. We constantly strive to augment and better our technical resources and systemize the whole process of search and recruitment.

We have got hi-tech offices in a well known commercial complex of Mumbai & Bangalore, which make it convenient for our clients to host inhouse interviews.

Our Methodology

We propose to conduct initial screenings for various skill sets based on your requirement. During these initial screenings we shall check for various parameters that the Job Demands.

We propose to work in close consultations with yourselves in order to satisfy your manpower requirements. Potential Candidates are identified and researched using the expertise of our database, Industry Research, Consultations and discussions with informed individuals for valuables, objective insights on people and relevant skill sets & issues. We prepare detailed, confidential profile for each short listed candidate wherever necessary, comprising biographical data, career and Remuneration and a full appraisal against the specification.

Our Success Mantra

Our success mantra is our teamwork. Good teamwork releases group synergy so that the combined effect of individual contributions far exceeds the sum of their individual effects. There is mutual accountability and togetherness amongst members of a well-knit team. The basic premise here is that individual contributions cannot be as good as all of us working together in a team. Our team players place team objectives ahead of their own personal goals. In today’s organizational world, success is dependent on the quality of the employee’s skills, efforts and innovation.

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